Did you know that by 2020, millennials will be 24% of the workforce – the same as Baby Boomers? And, with a text being a millennial’s preferred method of communication over a phone call, business communications will evolve.

Even so telephones as a way to communicate – with co-workers or customers – aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Businesses still need to equip their employees with dynamic, secure communications. Enter modern-day telephony.

Telephony – Talk Anyway, Anywhere, on Anything.

Today, telephony encompasses a broad range of communications – traditional telephones, Internet calling, mobile communication, fax, voice, and email,…even video conferencing. That’s because more and more people are working remotely, in a coffee shop, on a beach, you name it – collaborating with others all over the world.

Businesses must be ready to support communications wherever their employees are. But how will you make an informed decision about the communications system that will support your business today and into the future?

You Need a Telephony Gameplan.

Got questions? We can help. Read our Gameplan and discover:

  • The Alphabet Soup of Telephony - LAN, IP, VoIP, switches, routers, and more
  • The Features and Benefits of Telephony
  • How to Choose the Best Hosting Option for Business
  • Five Things to Look For in a Telephony Partner
  • Service Level Agreement Must Haves for Your New System
  • Considerations for the Future of Internet Telephony

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