hand drawn light bulb with crumpled paper ball on paper poster as creative conceptVivid Posters. Life-like Photos. Crisp line drawings.

ASI carries a huge array of Canon wide-format printers to meet your every business need.

Whatever you need to print:

  • professional photos and fine art,
  • graphic arts and signage
  • Technical documents and/or,
  • infographics and posters

we have the solution you need. 

Wide-format solutions can be either single function printers or multifunction products that allow you to print, scan, and copy wide-format documents.

Whether you're looking for the best quality printed photos on the market, a cost-effective ways to print promotional posters in-house, need to scan and copy over-sized documents, or any other large-format needs – ASI can help.

Read on to see what we carry or contact us now and we'll walk you through your best options!

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5 Ink AEC Printer

Canon's reactive ink system uses four highly colorfast dye color inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and two channels of matte black pigment ink. These devices are designed to cost-effectively and quickly deliver full-bleed posters, text documents, and crisp line drawings. 

Single function wide-format printers and multifunction (print, scan, copy) devices are available:

  • iPF610; 24”
  • iPF670 (stand optional); 24”
  • iPF680/685; 24”
  • iPF 770; 36”
  • iPF770 MFP L36e; 36”
  • iPF780; 36”
  • iPF780 MFP M40; 36”
  • iPF785; 36”
  • iPF785 MFP M40; 36” 

imagePROGRAF TX Series Printers

The imagePROGRAF TE series of printers are designed to satisfy the needs of high-volume CAD and low-volume LED plotter needs with print speeds up to 147 D-sized prints per hour.

The series has a number of features in common, including:

  • 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink system
  • Automatic media loading – no manual roll feed needed
  • Security features include an encrypted hard drive, secure disk erase (conforms to U.S. Department of Defense standard DoD5220.22-M), IPsec support, SSL/TLS, and 802.1x authentication
  • A second roll option which can provide the ability to produce over 4,500 square feet of continuous printing with the TX-4000
  • The TX Stacker can stack up to 100 sheets of ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E page sizes 

SmartWorks MPF scanning software provides a fast, simple way for every new users to scan, copy, or edit large-format images – including the ability to mark up documents directly on the monitor. 

  • TX-3000; 36”
  • TX-3000 MFP T36; 36”
    • Multi Func Roll RU32; 36” (optional second roll system)
  • TX-4000; 44”
  • TX-4000 MFP T42; 44”
    • Multi Func Roll RU42; 44” (optional second roll system)

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Signage, Infographics, and Posters

the imagePROGRAF iPF6400SE is a 24-inch printer designed to create vivid signage for events, infographics displays, and retail posters. The 6-color LUCIA EX pigments emphasize red ink usage for the most eye-catching and vibrant displays that are also scratch resistant due to the ink's formulation.

The color profile included with the printer is specifically designed to create and print posters that maximize the strengths of the LUCIA EX ink. The small size allows in-store placement in tight quarters and the economy mode reduces ink use by 50%, stretching your print budget further.

Graphic Arts Printers

These imagePROGRAF printers are designed for pros who need the highest possible standards met for graphics, fine art, photography, and proofing.

Canon's LUCIA EX 12-color ink set excels in color reproduction while the ink formulation improves color stability, black reproduction, and scratch resistance.

Radically recolorized, multicolored abstract of wild bergamot (binomial name Monarda fistulosa) for decoration or background (one of a series)

Print quality that captures the real world.

  • iPF6400; 24”
  • iPF6450; 24”
  • iPF9400; 60”

Pro Series Printers 11 Color + Chroma Optimizer

Designed for the most demanding photographic printing needs, the LUCIA PRO ink set helps:

  • Enhance gloss uniformity
  • Improve scratch resistance
  • Enhance dark area reproduction
  • Reduce graininess

Matte black and photo black inks have their own dedicated nozzles, no switching between ink tanks is needed.

The imagePROGRAF line of printers for graphic arts and photographics includes:

  • PRO 2000; 24”
  • PRO 4000; 44”
  • PRO 6000; 60”

Pro Series Printers 8 Color

The imagePROGRAF PRO 4000S and 6000S are 8-color printers that use the LUCIA PRO ink set. These microencapsulated pigment inks enhance red color performance, reduce graininess, and enhance dark area reproduction. Each has a maximum print roll length of 59'.

Both devices are capable of 2400x1200 max print resolution.

  • PRO 4000S; 44”
  • PRO 6000S; 60”

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