Chapter 3:
Why Use Managed Print Services

Before we get to the “real” business reasons, there’s one often-overlooked reason to investigate MPS – managing office equipment is a tedious, time-consuming, and thankless task. No one says “thank you” when the printer and copier is working, but when one breaks . . . you hear about it. It’s a headache you don’t have to deal with. Most of us don’t service our own vehicles; we go to Jiffy Lube, Midas, etc. for repairs. Office equipment, while apparently simple, really isn’t. An expert can help you be more productive, while allowing you to focus on your job – not making sure there’s enough toner around or that you know what company to call to repair which device (if you have a maintenance contract at all).

As for the “real business” reasons, there are seven we’ll focus on here.

  1. Better Productivity.
    The right devices in the right locations boosts office productivity. Instead of wasting time waiting for prints or standing in line to copy, scan, or fax, users can get on with the work at hand. A good MPS partner will be able to spot opportunities for improvements that you might miss.
  2. IT Can Focus.
    If you’re like most businesses, your IT resources are limited. These high-value and well-compensated employees need to focus on network security and key company initiatives; not being distracted by printer problems or ordering supplies. Plus, most IT staff aren’t trained or equipped to work on mechanical devices like copiers or printers. Outsourcing print fleet management frees IT staff to focus on their job.
  3. Extend the Lifecycle of the Printer Fleet.
    Office equipment can be a substantial investment and you want that investment to last. Managing these devices and keeping them properly maintained will help maximize the lifespan of that investment. When it’s time to retire them, your MPS partner will ensure that the devices are properly recycled.
  4. Enhanced Security.
    Businesses face intense scrutiny when it comes to regulations around the protection of personally identifiable information. Printers and copiers can pose a privacy risk when personal information is left on printer trays or unencrypted data resides on the devices hard drive. Proper disposal of hard drives is one aspect of security. An MPS partner can also advise and recommend the use of additional print security technology.
  5. Proactive Support.
    Small problems become big problems with mechanical devices. Devices are monitored so that toner can be automatically shipped when it’s beginning to run low as well as sending a technician to work on a machine in need of routine maintenance – preventing problems in the first place.
  6. A Technology Upgrade Path.
    Business needs change and technology evolves and improves year after year. MPS providers are in the business of keeping track of office equipment evolution and best practices – and they can pass this expertise along to you.
  7. Shrink Your Vendor Count.
    You’ll quickly realize how many vendors can be involved when purchasing office equipment: software, the hardware itself, support and maintenance, and, of course, supplies. MPSshrinks this to one partner with a single invoice. The other benefit of a single invoice, now you’ll know how much it really costs to print on a monthly basis rather than guessing and hoping month to month.

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