Do you have more than one printing device (printer, copier, MFP) in your office?


Getting a handle on your printing costs can help you save up to 30% of your current printing costs – every year. This program is commonly referred to as Managed Print Services (MPS).

And not only save costs, but save you time and energy managing your devices in-house because set up, maintenance, and repair are all included as part of the service, as well as the installation of the print management software that allows you to track your printing company-wide. Managed print services is the way for you to shrink the cost of printing while removing the headache of having to worry about it yourself. Plus, you’ll free up your time to focus on improving your business.

Managed print services explained in a simple infographic

The “Just Print It” Mistake

Printing documents is a necessary part of doing business, but you don’t have to “just print it.” Just buying printers, copiers, toner, and trying to network all of those print devices together is a recipe for frustration, inefficiency, and poor customer service.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. If you can’t answer most of these questions about your print environment, it’s costing you:

  • How much do you print? Yearly? Monthly? Color? Black and white?
  • How much does a single page print or copy cost for each device?
  • Do you know how many printers/copiers are in your office?
  • Which ones do you actually need?
  • How often are they out of service?
  • How much have you spent on supplies? Did you even need those supplies? This customer of ours didn’t (and wasted a LOT of money on supplies they didn’t need).
  • Did you buy products from multiple office technology companies and can’t remember who to call for services, supplies and copier repair?
  • How often do you run out of ink or toner?

Instead, manage your printers and copiers strategically. Pay only for what you need, not what you think you need.

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You just want to print a document, let us worry about ensuring that it’s as simple as possible for you.

Here’s how print management helps your business:

  • Track printing by individual user, office, and/or department with print management software.
  • Monitor your printing – and report or charge back – on a per-document, per-user, per-client, or per-department basis.
  • Send documents to the most cost-efficient printer with routing and redirection.
  • Receive print monitoring reports to analyze and audit printer usage.
  • Save paper – set a print quota per user/department/office.
  • Let your IT staff focus on more customer-focused tasks. No more wasting their time trouble-shooting a balky networked printer.
  • Proactive delivery of toner – never run out of supplies again (or take up office space for storage)

Managed print services is designed to minimize downtime of your print fleet – less downtime equals more productivity.

What Is Managed Print Services (MPS)

We provide, configure, maintain, and service any hardware in your office that ingests or outputs a document (copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines).

For a fixed fee, you get the ability to output office documents as needed with one point of contact if something goes wrong. No tracking down the manufacturer’s warranty. No trying to find someone to repair your copier today because you need those brochures by 10 a.m. tomorrow. No haggling.You press print, we take care of the rest. Contact us for more information >>


You call. We fix it or replace it.

We also fix it the first time 8 out of 10 times (the industry average? 5 out of 10).

If it prints, scans, copies, or faxes, we:

  • Determine the right mix for your business needs today (and plan for growth too). We don’t want you to overpay now so that you can accommodate planned-for growth 8 months in the future.
  • Configure it – attach it to the network, ensure all apps are loaded and working properly.
  • Maintain it – You wouldn’t drive your car 20,000 miles without putting oil in it. Office equipment has hundreds to thousands of moving parts, preventative maintenance saves downtime – and you aggravation.
  • Track it – Monitor the print management software to find issues and to track departmental printing.
  • Fix it – It’s a fact of life that these devices break. You don’t have to pay to fix them.

All you have to do is buy staples.

How do we track this? We install print management software on your network with one-way communication from your print devices to us. We can monitor the devices and know when they are almost out of toner, sending an error message that there is a paper jam, and a host of other issues that commonly arise with copiers and cause headaches for your IT team.

Are you spending too much on printing? This 2 minute self assessment can help you discover the answer >>

User adoption can be a challenge, we understand, so a basic training package is included, and we can discuss options for more in-depth training for your employees to get the most cost efficient usage of your print devices with this print management program.

What Can You Expect?

So what’s next? How can we start helping you?

It all begins with a conversation.

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Explain the Program
  3. Print Assessment (which gives us the information we need for the next step)
  4. Productivity and Cost Analysis
  5. Complete Assessment and Walk Through (if you ‘d like)
  6. Sign Contract 
  7. Reevaluate and fine-tune on an ongoing basis, tailored to your unique situation and requirements

Ready to get your print fleet under control? Click here to schedule a consultation with a Managed Print Services expert now!


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