Can your finance department find all invoices with the click of a mouse? Or do they need to get up, walk to a filing cabinet, riffle through manila folders, realize it’s not in that drawer, and find the right document in the next drawer down (assuming it’s not one of the 10% of documents lost through misfiling by most companies)?

Does that sound like the process you use to find information? If so, your business is suffering from paper sclerosis.

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Paper Documents and Manual Processes Have You in a Headlock

The average office:

  • Loses 1 of every 20 documents
  • Spends $20 on labor to file EACH document
  • Spends $250 recreating each lost document
  • Spends $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet
  • Spends $120 looking for every misfiled document

Advanced Systems uses Laserfiche document and process management software to break the paper document headlock holding your business back. Your critical business documents are stored and backed up in a single, secure repository. The result –

  • better security
  • information redundancy
  • documents at your fingertips – literally

Your business relies on fast access to the right information – the right document – to operate. Digitizing that information, providing instant access to it, and automating process will let you spend more time:

  • Meeting with clients and closing deals
  • Answering customer questions faster
  • More time for staff to do what they’re paid to do, which isn’t shuffle paper
  • And, enjoy the benefits of happier and less frustrated employees.

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Time For Your Office to Go Digital

When you rely on paper documents to run your business, you’re going to experience document disconnect. That means instead of doing your job; you spend time looking for the information you need to do your job.

In addition to slower customer service and frustrated employees, document disconnect also exposes your business to risk in two important ways.

One, when paper sclerosis sets in, business processes become clogged and employees become frustrated. With information in emails, file shares, personal storage (like Dropbox or Google Drive), and paper; your business has no control over its information. Employees go around IT to share documents however they can.

Secondly, without solid data backup, your business is at risk of losing the information it needs to operate in the event of disaster. A central document repository keeps documents in control and can combine with a backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure your business stays in business should disaster strike.


The Negative Impact of Document Disconnect

When a business operates manually, with paper-based workflows, in today’s digital world; document disconnect has real consequences:

  • Audit issues and revenue recognition. 76% of line-of-business leaders say document process issues impact revenue recognition and/or create auditor issues.
  • Inability to plan successfully. 46% of business leaders say disconnected document processes impair their ability to plan, forecast, and budget because of lack of visibility.
  • Higher operating costs, lower employee productivity. Business leaders say their staff spends more than one-third (36%) of their time on administrative tasks — and less than two-thirds 64% on their core job function

The Document Management Advantage

Document management software has proven ROI and delivers the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Accessibility. Work on documents outside of the office, anytime and anywhere. Secure access to files when and where you need them.
  • Access to files. No need to pull client files and stack them on your desk (preventing anyone else from using those files). Instantly find needed documents on your computer as-needed.
  • Easy search. Quickly find notes, presentations, proposals, and documents through simple search functionality on your computer.
  • Improved collaboration. Multiple employees can work on a single document, eliminating email back and forth and ensuring that everyone can see the latest version of documents they need. And see previous version as well to compare.
  • Security. Track who opens and edits each document (combine with print rules for a comprehensive view of what happens to a document). Provide proof to customers or auditors of a document’s chain of custody, throughout the document’s lifecycle.
  • Space savings. Filing cabinets are big. They take up valuable office space. Get rid of your filing cabinets and turn that floor space into revenue-generating space.
  • Disaster recovery. Documents stored online aren’t at risk of being lost if a pipe bursts and soaks your filing cabinets – or they go up in smoke during a fire. Digital documents will be backed up, ensuring continued access to critical information for business continuity.

Ready to Connect to Your Documents?

Many businesses struggle to create workflows that make sense for their business. We take away the guesswork by working with you to identify your processes and help you apply technology to those processes. More importantly, we help you identify the RIGHT processes.

If you’re tired of digging through paper documents are ready to accelerate your business growth with document management, it’s time to talk to us.

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