For every 12 minutes using a paper file, 9 are are spent looking for, retrieving, and then refiling. There’s a better way to manage your business documents than centuries-old technology.

Document management allows you to find the documents you need in moments. No more walks to the file room or trying to find a customer file on a vacationing co-worker’s desk. You can also automate processes and workflows -- even launch them with your copier! Do you want your business to continue to move at the speed of paper? Or would you rather transform your office and work in the 21st century?

Find Documents in Seconds -- Stop the Paper Chase

The biggest benefit of document management is the ability to have your documents at your fingertips. Instead of thumbing through paper documents and files, type into the search box and retrieve your document. Our “Paper Chase” infographic illustrates the power of document management. See it here.

Proven ROI

Document management is a safe venture. Return on investment from document management implementations has been proven over decades -- lower storage costs by reducing paper files, higher worker productivity, and improved customer service are only the beginning of the benefits.

Get Rid of Paper

You can use your existing copier to begin removing paper from your office and into your document management system for easy retrieval. These tips will show you how to reduce your paper mountain to a molehill.

Automate Business Processes

Digitizing paper allows you to automate manual business processes. Why is this a great thing for your office? Here’s why.

Document Management in Action

Document management is often used in human resources and accounts payable applications. County and local governments also benefit from the easy document retrieval capabilities of DM. We’ve also created a short eBook to show you how three of our customers are using document management.

Document Management Tutorials and How To

Using Laserfiche, a leading document management software company, this series of videos shows you how this software tool can help your office -- scanning documents, finding documents, full-text searching, and more.

Want More?

For a deeper dive into document management, you can download our free eBook, The Basics of Document Management. This eBook will help you understand everything you need to know about document management.

Let’s Get Started!

The first step in bringing the benefits of document management into your office is a free consultation. Our DM experts will ask you about your business processes and challenges and then help you decide how you can best use document management tools to improve your processes.


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