Here is a short list of benefits from working with Advanced Systems. We make your life easier and your business more productive. Whether you’re buying or leasing a copier from us, working with us to automate business processes and manage electronic documents, or have engaged us to manage your entire print fleet; you benefit from:

  • Reduced expenses
  • More productivity
  • Better security
  • Easier compliance with regulations
  • A “Greener” company


Companies consistently underestimate – or simply don’t know – how much they spend in printing supplies. Go look in your office closets. If you have more supplies for your printers and copiers than you can use in the next 6 months – or supplies for equipment you no longer even have – then you’re wasting money.

Here’s how our services can reduce your costs:

Update and Consolidate Equipment Reduces Supply and Service Costs

Most companies don’t have an office acquisition strategy and have collected a hodgepodge of equipment from different manufacturers over years.


These older models are –

  • Less energy efficient – which costs you more electricity (a hidden cost of office equipment)
  • Require more frequent servicing because they’re old

Updating your equipment and standardizing on one or two manufacturers allows you to reduce your supply spend and newer models will be more energy efficient. They’ll also have more features and functionality, which will make you more productive.

Control Printing

You can’t control what you don’t measure. Managed print services allows you to track every print and copy and to create rules designed to help you print more cost-effectively and securely. Dashboards will show you how much your company, individual departments, and even each employee are printing and copying.


Spend Less on Paper and Postage

Scanning documents and investing in document management allows your documents to be accessible online. No need to ship documents overnight or expedite postal delivery – share documents via email and access from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Save Space

Are you paying storage fees for your paper documents? Or using office space to store filing cabinets instead of work space? Electronic document management allows you to rid yourself of many paper documents. A more streamlined print fleet minimizes the need to keep office supplies on hand. Multifunction printers delivery functionality in a smaller footprint. Office space is expensive; use it for work, not document storage.



Here are a few ways your business will be more productive. More efficient processes allow your employees to get more done in less time and with less aggravation – and happy employees are productive employees.

Here’s how.

  • Speed Up Document Creation. Today’s printers, copiers, and MFPs can print more pages, faster, which saves you and your employees time that would have been wasted standing around the printer.
  • Eliminate the Time Wasted Searching for Files. Finding a file should be as easy as typing a keyword and clicking a mouse. Find the file you need quickly and easily right from your desk.
  • Automate Workflow Processes. Increase the speed of your workflows through automating menial tasks. Automation saves payroll dollars and gets the job done faster so you can invoice your customers sooner and take on more accounts and projects at once.
  • Just-in-Time Supplies. Managed print services contracts will provide supplies proactively to your business – never run out of toner again. Better yet, you don’t even have to remember to order it, we monitor supply levels as part of the service.


Information security is important for businesses of every size. Document management solutions and office equipment from Advanced Systems help ensure that confidential information stays that way.

Here’s how.

  • Print Rules. Prevent sensitive documents from sitting in your copier’s output tray. Print confidential documents and retrieve by entering your password at the copier so that document is only released to you.
  • Hard Drive Security. Copiers (and other office equipment) have hard drives. Those hard drives save copies of documents that pass through them, documents that have secure information. We help keep that information secure.
  • Disaster Recovery. Document management is a key piece of your disaster recovery plan. Backups of your critical business documents and remote access to keep your business operating during a disaster.
  • Increase Accountability. Audit trails also mean everyone leaves a digital footprint when they access a document – know who made changes and when to important documents.


Compliance is nerve-wracking. Document management helps with your peace of mind because you know your documents are under control and adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements. No matter your industry, audits will be easier to pass (they’ll still be nerve-wracking though, we can’t help that).

  • Limit Access to Sensitive Information. Password-protect files and even individual documents.
  • Track Access. Audit trails keep track of who accessed documents.


An often overlooked benefit of newer office equipment and document management implementations is a lower environmental impact.

Reduce Paper Waste

Print waste is a hidden drag on the bottom line.

  • Document management allows digital access and an electronic archive of your business documents. No more paper archives in environmentally controlled storage (which consumes electricity). Fewer emissions from driving boxes of documents to offsite storage. Plus, you need to print fewer documents.
  • Production printers. With the ability to print beautiful, professional quality brochures and marketing materials as you need them, you’ll avoid the paper waste that comes with over ordering your marketing materials form the print shop. Just print as many as you need, whenever you need them.
  • Managed print services tracks all printing, allowing you to find inefficiencies and over-printing and eliminate it. Print rules give you control over printing by enforcing more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, print rules.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Using a single device (a copier) to replace multiple devices (a printer, fax machine, and scanner) will use less energy. New office equipment is also more energy efficient than older models. And using less energy helps cut your electricity bill.



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