Tired of flipping through brochures as you try to remember how the 5690XRTi from Xerox compares to the MAXcopy 5553ipa from Canon? (Note: not actual product names and we wish there weren't as many model numbers either.)

Come visit our Copier Showroom. Our copier experts can show you a variety of different options from different manufacturers to find the perfect copier or printer for your business.

Visit the Advnaced Systems Copier Showroom and let our experts help you scan, print, and copy your way to your next copy machine.

Like Buying a Car (Just Less Exciting)

Buying or leasing a copier is similar to buying or leasing a car – you sometimes think you know what you want, but seeing your options in person can make a huge difference in your ultimate purchase decision.

See Your Next Copier in Action.  Schedule your appointment now.Maybe the seat isn't comfortable or there's a huge blind spot. Of course, you also wouldn't buy a Ford Escort to haul a boat or camper either. What you need to do determines what vehicle you should buy.

There are as many options and choices when it comes to selecting the right copier for your office:

Then there are the finishing options, security concerns, maintenance issues, and more.

We know from experience that our customers UNDER value their copiers. When you look at price and a bare requirements list, you can miss the added value from:

Some of you are happy to compare features using various PDF documents, an online video or two, and the recommendations of our excellent sales team.

For those of you who are more hands on, join us in our product showroom.

Kick the tires. (Metaphorically, never kick your copier.)

See how the user interfaces work.

Scan, copy, and print documents to see for yourself that the output meets your quality needs.

In short, take your next copier for a test drive.

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