Chapter 4:
Choosing the Right Partner

You are entering into a business relationship, so you want to be sure to select a partner you can trust. There are a few basic capabilities and services to look for, in addition to the ability to deliver excellent office equipment and service.

Remote Monitoring.
Your managed print services partner should be able to remotely monitor your printer fleet to proactively respond to your needs. This software will also automatically gather print counts from each device to ensure simple and accurate billing. A self-service portal on their site that allows you to check your meter is also helpful.

Field Service Team.
You need a partner with technicians who have a proven track record of responsive service. Look for testimonials on the website, and ask for references to confirm for yourself. Make sure the technicians are certified to work on your devices.

Help Desk Support.
Many end user computer problems can be quickly resolved through a call or chat with a help desk. Your partner’s help desk should be staffed with friendly and knowledgeable employees to help your employees fix their issue and get back to work.

Technology ages. Your business will grow. Over time, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. Look for a partner than can help you acquire these devices with flexible terms.

Service Level Agreement.
The SLA protects both parties so everyone knows exactly what’s in the scope of the agreement, how long it will take to resolve issues, outlines all performance expectations, and how you will be invoiced. This is the foundational document for your relationship, don’t skip it. Take the time to discuss in detail so you’ll each know what to expect from the other – and what happens if those expectations aren’t met.

Regular Performance Review.
There are always ways to improve. Request a regular performance review with your MPS partner to go over print usage data and work together to find new ways to further improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance security.

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