You Should Use Your Copier to Remove Paper From Your Document Workflow


remove paper from your document workflow

You’re juggling lots of things – you don’t need to juggle paper routing too. We’ve written about using your copier to digitize and remove paper documents from your office.

You could be thinking to yourself, “But I like all this paper, why do I need to change?” Here’s why digitizing documents with your office copier will help you do your work faster.

Paper Slows You Down

When you have a paper document (or file), you have a paper document. “A” as in you have only one. When that single document or file is where it’s supposed to be – on your desk, correctly filed in the file cabinet in the hallway, or correctly filed in your file storage room – you can find, process, or access that document.

However, when it’s NOT where it needs to be it could cost you more than you think. According to Laserfiche, it costs $20 in labor to file a document, $120 to find it if it has been misfiled, and $220 to reproduce it if it is lost. One out of 10 documents is lost or misfiled.Think about the productivity drag from having to physically look for a paper document – walking to and from a filing cabinet could be good for your Fitbit steps, but not great for productivity. 

Contrast that with a digitized document, which is filed online and accessible from wherever you have access to your office’s network – even from your phone or tablet. Access to documents in seconds versus minutes? Yes, please!

When a customer calls you, would you rather be able to find their information with the click of a mouse or place the customer on hold while you run to the file room for their file? 

Save Space

The commonly accepted cost of filing cabinets is:

  • $25,000 to fill a filing cabinet
  • $2,500 per year to maintain a filing cabinet (for active files, this will be lower for seldomly-accessed files) 

These costs include salary, paper and production costs, the costs of the file drawers, etc. 

Plus, real estate is expensive. Wouldn’t you rather use your office space for something other than storing paper? 

Electronic Documents Allow Automated Workflows

Putting documents in motion ramps up your ability to get work done. AIIM research captures these productivity benefits with these two points:

  • 52% of respondents report that administrative staff in their organization would be a third or more productive if their processes were automated using scanned forms and documents.
  • 70% consider that the use of scanning and capture improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, or staff by 3 times or more. Nearly 30% put the factor as 10 times or more. 

Ready to supercharge how you use your multifunction copier and get more done with less hassle and in less time? Get in touch with us and we can discuss if workflow automation and electronic document management is a good fit for you.


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