IT Hates Printers (Who Can Blame Them?)


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Printer and copier malfunctions and “calling IT” go hand and hand. That’s also why most IT people cringe when they get the call that the printer isn’t working.

Typically, problems stem from one of three things—printer malfunction, application error, or network issue. Most calls start out with a few minutes of preliminary questions by the help desk person to try and isolate the problem:

Is there an error message that you are seeing?

Are you using the correct print driver?

What application are you trying to print from?

When was the last time you successfully printed?

Can anyone else print, or is it just you that is having trouble?

Is the printer on and are all the cables connected?

It is an unfortunate fact of office life, but your copiers and printers will  break and require regular maintenance.

Since most of the time the problem is a mechanical one, it requires a physical visit to the copier (or laser printer) itself to assess the situation. The next step usually involves placing a service call to the vendor so someone can come out and fix the problem. If you have a number of print providers across your fleet, determining exactly who you need to call is also in order. All of these things add up and take time away from mission-critical, IT-related projects that your IT team is supposed to be working on. Things such as securing your network, or delaying company-wide software updates to protect from the next cyber attack.

23 percent of IT Help Desk Calls are related to printing.

The fact that a quarter of all of your IT department’s calls for help are so closely related to the integrity of your printing infrastructure suggests that their focus on the company’s overall IT strategy may not be as laser-focused as you think it is.

For many companies, a simple way to lessen the burden on IT is to outsource print management with a managed print service provider who will:

Serve as a single point of contact for all print-related issues (no more calling IT when the printer is broken)

  • Monitor your printing and help establish a charge back process with print management software
  • Route and redirect print jobs to the most cost-effective devices
  • Review and manage printer usage with regular audits
  • Proactively order toner and schedule preventative maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Automatically place service calls when a machine goes down with built-in alerts
  • Work with you to setup print rules to help streamline your organization’s overall printing costs

As much as it might feel like it makes sense to have IT oversee your printing environment, it’s worth considering if outsourcing might be right for you. With a managed print provider, you’ll have an army of resources. Resources (MPS experts and service technicians) who are familiar with the manufacturers that make up your entire print fleet and whose number one priority is supporting your printing environment for a fixed fee.

No more tracking down the manufacturer’s warranties or spending time on the phone with users trying to troubleshoot (or trying to fix the problem yourself).

There's a way to mend the relationship between IT and print – remove yourself from the relationship!

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Dave Quint, president and CEO of Advanced Systems Inc. and past president of BTA Mid-America. Dave has worked with copiers, MFPs, scanners, and document workflow software since joining Advanced Systems as a sales associate in 1989. His favorite part of the job -- “there is no greater joy than to see the positive impact these solutions have in our client’s businesses.’ You press print, we take care of the rest. Contact us for more information >>