Get Rid of Toner Pirates -- Free Downloadable Tip Sheet

Download this free infographic and learn how to avoid toner pirates today.

Avast there, me hearties!

In case you didn’t know it, today is Talk Like a Pirate day.

Over the years, we’ve had these scallawags attempting to board our clients. Most recently, a handful of our clients were attacked.

Fortunately, these boarding attempts were repelled as our clients knew to call us and not answer the high-pressure techniques of the toner pirates.

Others may not be as lucky.

We’ve put together the infographic embedded below. Click here (or the image itself) to download your own PDF copy.

Don’t treat it like buried treasure!

Share this tip sheet with anyone in your office -- or friends in other offices -- who could be assailed on the high cubicle seas!

The more everyone knows about this scam, the less likely it is to succeed.

It’s time to keelhaul these renegades. Enjoy the tips -- and talking like a pirate today!

For a more in-depth look at toner pirates, click here.

Use this helpful, FREE, infographic to avoid toner pirates.

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