End the Not-So-Great Office Paper Chase With Document Management [Free Infographic]


Free download - The Not-So-Great Office Paper ChaseYears ago, “The Paper Chase” was a good movie and TV series. It was also a good way to describe how office workers interacted with documents.

There was no email. Fax was still new. Computers were much larger than today’s light-weight (and more powerful) laptops and storage was often on reels of tape.

Of course, there were filing cabinets and file rooms in the basement to serve as the office “memory.”Today, we communicate by email. Fax is sometimes still useful. There’s as much processing power available on the phone in your pocket as computers that occupied entire rooms did back then.

The paper chase? That’s still the same.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Document management allows you to store and access your digital information in moments, eliminating the paper chase.

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It’s often easier to remember information if it’s a picture. We’ve put together infographic that shows a typical office paper chase and how simply document management can end the paper chase and turn it from a chase to a matter of “information found.”

You can click on the image below to download a PDF copy of the infographic for yourself -- and to share with others.

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Free document management infographic - The Not-So-Great Office Paper Chase

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