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Simplify two of the most common HR aper problems by digitally transforming your employee files and company policies with Document Management.Human Resource departments are often piled high with documents -- and for good reason. HR is the keeper of vital company policies, employee records, and other information necessary to maintain and keep available.

While some records are never given a second glance, HR staff need quick access to them at all times, just in case an issue arises. Some documents are regularly needed and accessed several times a year.

For that reason, paper is a challenging method of record keeping. Document management software provides an efficient way to retrieve information and ensure its accuracy.

Here are just a few of the ways HR departments can benefit from going digital.Employee Files

Of course, the most important roles of HR is to manage the on-boarding, ongoing support, and termination of employees. Ideally, an employee HR file should have a complete record of the individual, including reviews, benefit information, and reasons for termination or age of retirement.

Having this information in an easily searchable document repository makes it easy for staff to retrieve whatever they need whenever they need it, without having to manually flip through many pages.

The time saved by not having to run down to the employee archives is a true cost saver for companies. The database also ensures vital information is not lost in the archiving process or filed in the wrong place.

Company Policies

A business sets the rules of its operations through company policies. These are essential legal documents, as violation of a policy can form the basis of a termination or transfer. When reviewing policies, a company's leaders should be able to see the historical record of how certain provisions have evolved over time and the last time they were updated.

With document management, it's easy to compare current policies to old ones. HR staff can cross reference a certain policy to an employee who is deemed in violation or has somehow had the benefits of a policy applied to their circumstances. Without this information, it can be difficult to assess whether a policy is relevant, especially when it's just one of dozens put in place by the organization.

These two functions performed by HR departments are the “low-hanging fruit” of improving HR processes by moving away from a paper-based workflow.

Any business can benefit from streamlined HR by implementing document management.

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