Document Management, Cutting Paper, and Saving Those Tiny Paper Cuts to Your Bottom Line


Cut costs, cut paper, and save cash with these 3 Document Management tips.Sometimes our potential clients think it's a little odd that my role at a copier dealership is to help our clients print fewer documents.

It's not.

Our goal is to help our clients use technology to help their business grow and to get work done more effectively and with as little friction as possible in how they use technology. Whatever product or service our client needs, that goal remains the same. 

Some of our clients need to print and mail large volumes of invoices and will need a production-ready copier. 

Others need a business phone system that lets a small company sound like a big one.  

Other clients (actually, this goes for anyone!) are tired of being bogged down sorting through paper files to find the document they need. They want to be able to find their information quickly.

That's where I come in.

Dave Quint, Advanced Systems' President, wrote about Paper Cuts to the Bottom Line. His focus was on how offices often wastefully print documents they never use. 

When you rely on paper to conduct business rather than electronic document management, every one of those paper documents is a tiny nick to the bottom line of the office budget.

Here are three ways document management can save your office from paper cuts by cutting out (at least some) paper. 

I Can't Find It

How much time to get real work done do you lose looking for documents? On average, it takes 15 minutes to find, use, and refile a paper file. Paper does get lost, misfiled, or, as I wrote about last week, it could be lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is Betty's desk.

I say this often, but you can find documents in seconds with document management. 

Paper Storage

Filing cabinets take up real estate in your office that could be put to better use – even if it's just getting them out of the way to avoid stubbed toes from the space they take up in hallways.

Paper files stored off-site incur yearly storage fees. And, really, how often do you access those documents anyway? When was the last time you purged files you no longer needed? You're probably paying money to store paper documents you don't need and will never access.

Paper Processes Are Slow

Approval processes can be stuck in the mud with paper. Paper-based workflows can come to a halt when someone is out unexpectedly. When documents are digital, they can be re-routed with workflow software (most document management software companies also offer workflow solutions). Even without workflow, anyone can find a document for approval when it's online and accessible to anyone.

At the end of a year, your office's budget is nicked up and bandaged from these small paper cuts. Stop the annoying pain.

Find out what document management can do for you.

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Lane focuses on fixing businesses broken business processes. He is Advanced Systems Document Management Director. What does document management actually look like? Watch this free demo to find  out.