Digital Copiers – Making More Than Copies With Finishing Options


With optional finishing tools, you can use your digital copier to create flyers, booklets, and other professional documents.

Copier. Photocopier. MFP. Multifunction printer. Digital copier.

All words used to describe essential office productivity equipment that copy, print, scan, and fax. And because many of us use them the same way – print out the report for review, copy invoices to launch a workflow, make sure our customer invoices are printed out, etc. – we can forget that they can do more than spit out an 8.5-inch by 11-inch piece of paper with some words and images on it.

So let's talk about finishing options today to jazz up your documents.

Usually, to spruce up a document and make it look more professional, you'd head to local printer or even your local FedEx Office.

With the right finishing options for your copier, you can do that from the comfort of your own office.

Here are some common document finishes that can be done easily in house.


Good for user manuals, presentation guides, and event programs. If you use 8.5” x 11” paper, you can create smaller booklets or use 11” x 17” paper to make regular-size booklets. 

Document Insertion

This is good for when you want to add pre-printed information into a new document or want to add a splash of color into an otherwise black and white document. On many copiers, such as Canon's imageRUNNER Advance models, you can use the device's touch screen to insert glossy pages, color pages, etc. into your document.

4-Page Flyer

When you need to get your point across in a more polished manner for a short argument, need product marketing brochures, or information pamphlets, a single 11” x 17” piece of paper can be transformed into a 4-sided flyer.

Folding Options

When I was in school, I was always amazed at how the girls seemed to be able to fold a piece of paper into some sort of origami-like structure while I struggled to make a paper airplane. Copier add-ons can provide different folding options. This list from Canon shows five options.

Folding options for Canon finishers


Still the best way to keep documents in order – staple to any of the four corners of a document, double-staple on either the left or right sides, or saddle-stitch for a booklet. Some copiers can also do “staple-free stapling” to that you can distribute materials, but your audience can reorder them as they choose. 

Punching Options

There's something about the sound of the “ka-thunk” a three hole-punch makes that sounds like office work getting done. Depending on the copier model, a number of hole-punch patterns are possible for environments like manufacturing, engineering firms, and hospitals who use paper binders to share information quickly.

  • 2-hole punch
  • 3-hole punch
  • Custom patterns

Some of these capabilities require add-ons to the base copier model, so don't expect every copier to be capable of doing all of this. However, if you need to “punch up” your presentations or other business documents, you can do that yourself with the help of your office equipment provider.

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