Desktop Faxing Saves Doctor's Office Hours Each Day


Get excited - a new copier thrilled a local doctor's office by cutting literal hours out of their busy schedule. How much time could you save?My favorite day at work is any day that I hear from a customer about how we helped them.

After all, we don't sell copiers. We sell solutions to business problems – and that's exciting!

As a salesman, I base my proposed solutions to customers based on what their pain points are and how the new technology is supposed to alleviate that business pain.

Based on customer feedback (and with their input during the process), I'm proud to say I excel at this. The key is really listening to what the customer needs.

Here's a true story about how excited a doctor's office was with a new copier – all because of desktop faxing.

A few months ago, I met with the doctor and office manager of a small eye doctor practice. In conversations with them, they had come a long with their use of technology – as recently as 2013 the office didn't have an Internet connection or use email.

They were using a Sharp machine for their copying and printing needs.

As I asked questions about issues they were having, concerns they have, and what their goals were; faxing became a very hot topic. It became a hot topic on three sides: 

  1. Junk faxes. They get the same ones as everyone else. We could solve that with  fax forwarding to a shared folder. The folder was a better option than email for them. First problem solved.
  2. Patient faxes. They receive faxes with patient info, just like everyone else. They then have to scan them in to upload them into their EHR (electronic health record) system. She called her IT support on the EHR software side and he told her that if we could get them to a shared folder, he would take it over from there and work with them on how to upload them. Second problem solved.
  3. The doctor was constantly interrupted while faxing. She is the only one who faxes out orders and she does that multiple times each day. However, she was often interrupted by patients when she left her office to fax. Obviously, ignoring the patient wasn't an option, but each interruption cost her time. We talked about desktop faxing. She was ecstatic to learn she could send all of these orders while never leaving her office and not being interrupted. She was also excited on the amount of paper she would save. Currently, she would print the orders, fax the orders, and then shred the orders. Problem three solved.

There was one major concern that needed to be overcome. Her EHR provider told the doctor she would not be HIPAA-compliant using desktop faxing UNLESS all of the HIPAA verbiage was on the cover sheet. 

New call-to-action

So, I called my good buddy, Dave Vossberg (Advanced System's System Engineer and all-around IT fixer). I explained what the concern was. I had their office fax us (they couldn’t scan to email) a cover sheet with their HIPAA-required verbiage and other info.

Now, old cover sheets and desktop faxing were NOT fun to work with because they simply weren't that robust. After a little nervousness, Dave was able to redo their cover sheet so that it would be HIPAA-compliant. As he explained to me, the cover sheet editors available in new copier models are MUCH easier to work with – “huge improvements” were his exact words. 

We delivered a Canon imageRUNNER Advance 355iF all-in-one printer. We completed the set up and the training in less than three hours. We coordinated with their EHR IT support and Dave spoke with the office before the installation to make sure everything went smoothly. During the day, both the Doctor and the office manager said “we are very excited.”  

Fast forward a few months. 

Desktop Faxing Saves Time

I followed up with them recently to see how they were doing. 

The are ecstatic. Honestly, most people don't get excited about copiers. They are.

The Doctor uses the desktop faxing for orders. She told me we have saved her from 1.5 to 2 hours every day because she can fax from her office – no more walking to the device (risking customer interruption) and then having to shred the documents when finished.

We have saved them one ream of paper in two short weeks because of fax forwarding. We are forwarding faxes to a folder 

She told me we have saved the staff time because they aren’t walking back to check for faxes throughout the day. Plus, they are able to stay up front and be available to customers. The ability to focus on customers was VERY important to them.

What are YOUR document pain points?

You never know, the solution to those pains could be a humble office copier.

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