Copier Maintenance: The Real Value of a Regular Contract


Managed Print Services can save you more than time and money - it can also keep you from wanting to go all "Office Space" on your copier.

Why should you engage a service partner in a managed print services or a maintenance contract?

It boils down to time. How much is your time worth? How much is your customers' time worth? Your IT staff? Everyone else in your office? Do you have the expertise on staff to maintain your copiers and other office equipment?

You can budget for repairs for when equipment breaks – because of a manufacturing defect, a part wearing out, or user error and frustration. But repair costs are variable.

Think of a maintenance contract as insurance. You might not need it as much as you thought, but when you do need it you end up saving money.

It is an unfortunate fact of office life, but your copiers and printers will  break and require regular maintenance.

Penny-Wise, Pound Foolish

A common objection to paying for a maintenance contract is that you might not use it for a month, or two months, or three months. Business owners and CIOs might just think of that as wasting money.

It's not.

For the sake of argument (and the ease of the math!), let's say your maintenance contract is $500/month.

Let's say that none of your equipment covered in that contract requires service for two months – that's $1,000 you could have saved or invested elsewhere.

But, on the first day of the third month, your laser printer needs to be repaired. You call. We come out and service your equipment – and give any other equipment under contract a quick once-over to proactively prevent any downtime for you. The technician notes a worn set of rollers and either repairs on the spot or makes an appointment to return and replace those parts before they cause major issues for you – like more frequent paper jams. 

If you didn't have a maintenance contract, you'd call your regular break/fix copier repair company or spend time Googling for one. They might be able to get to you on the same day, but maybe not. The cost of them to simply show up is usually $150 (sometimes less, sometimes slightly more). Then there's a per-hour charge – plus the cost of the part. Let's say it took four hours to repair and the part was $49.99. At $75/hour for four hours, $150 to show up, and $50 for the part; that's $500.

Then, three days later your copier needs to be repaired. With break/fix, you get to go through that process again. With a maintenance contract, you simply call and someone will be out to repair your equipment.

We created an infographic to illustrate the cost of DIY copier acquisition and maintenance versus a managed print services approach. Note that an MPS contract is more extensive than a maintenance contract, but you'll see the advantages.


Click here or anywhere on the infographic to see it full-sized.

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