Are You in a Paper Document Pit of Misery?

Is the file room like a hole you don't think you'll ever find your way out of? Document Management can help.Many of the city clerks (and others in charge of managing documents) I speak to have something in common with those recent Bud Light commercials – when it comes to finding documents, they're in a pit of misery.

Too many organizations today keep their information on paper.

Why is that miserable?

Do any of these situations remind you of your own day?

You need to find the minutes from a meeting in 2010. It's not in a filing cabinet, but it might be in one of the 20 or so boxes in the closet.

Digital documents are printed, then scanned again – creating duplicate copies and lack of chain of authority (not to mention the potential of confidential paper documents winding up in the wrong hands).

You need to pull together all notes and documents surrounding a decision, so you spend half a day combing through filing cabinets to find the right information.

Paper isn't the best way to store and retrieve information.

Document management is.

The file room can be a real pit of misery.

A True Friend of the Crown. Dilly, Dilly!

Document management software helps you get your documents under control so that you can easily find them when you need them. (Click here for a quick video below that shows Laserfiche – a document management product – in action.)

Instead of looking for the right document in your pit of misery (er, file room); you find your documents via a quick search.

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You can find the exact document you want – looking up an invoice with the invoice number, for example. Or, you can find all invoices and contract documents relevant to a particular company by searching for the company name.

Not sure of what exact document you're looking for? A full-text search allows you to find keywords within documents (think about how you search online using Google) so if a document isn't tagged with a company name, but that company name is in the document, the search results will include that document.

How else is document management a friend of the crown?

Save space. File cabinets and boxes of paper take up space. Put that space to more productive use by eliminating paper from your business processes.

Security. Track who opens and edits each document. Provide proof of a document's chain of custody for auditors or customers.

Around the clock accessibility. Secure access to files when and where you need them via the cloud or a virtual private network. Work anywhere and anytime.

Get out of the pit of misery and into the banquet hall – use document management to get a handle on your documents.

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For you cord cutters or those who only watch recorded TV, here's the Bud Light commercial.

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