7 Marketing Documents That You Can Cost-Effectively Produce With an In-House Production Printer


Print marketing materials in-house and cost-effectively with the perfect Production Printer for your SMB.Ever wondered; while you tossed another bunch of ads for plumbing, catalogs for different stores you’ve shopped at, and the assortment of other offers you received in the mail into the trash; why companies keep sending them?

It’s a simple answer: printed materials work.

Have you ever kept a coupon mailed to you and then bought something you needed (and maybe a few more things) a few days or even weeks later?

How about kept a catalog around and then needed a last minute gift idea?

They work.

Many businesses think they need to hire a printing shop to take care of their production print needs.

If you don’t print high-quality documents infrequently, you’re right. However, if your marketing department uses full-color catalogs or you need to regularly print high quality training documents for customers (or even something as simple as business cards); in-house production printing could be a great fit for you.

We covered the reasons to bring production printing in-house in a recent blog, you can read that here.

Today, I wanted to go over the types of documents you could print in-house. Maybe you haven’t used some of these documents before because of the hassle of outsourcing -- or maybe you just haven’t thought of using these documents before. Whatever the reason, here are seven print marketing and other materials you can easily print in-house.

Newsletters. Keep customers up-to-date and top-of-mind with a monthly or even quarterly printed newsletter. Company news, offers, events, etc. can all be shared and a physical copy can “live” on a desk for a while as a reminder that you exist!

Business cards. People still keep business cards, so make sure you keep your sales and executive teams equipped with this simple marketing tool.

Letterhead and Envelopes. Using customer letterhead and branding envelopes according to your corporate guidelines are another way to reinforce your brand in your customers’ minds. Plus, you no longer need to print either in advance, but can print runs as needed. Additionally, combined with transpromotional print software, you can print individual messages or offers for specific customers on your envelopes.

Presentation Folders and Company Brochures. A company brochure is a useful physical prop for sales and marketing professionals to use as they walk a potential customer through your company’s products and services. Folders, even if people dump the contents, are often reused by people for their own documents; keeping your company in their face.

Catalogs. Highlight profitable products and research shows that many customers will keep them as reference -- often as a faster option than looking up your website.

Product Data Sheets. Break down features, benefits, and specs on a single colorful sheet to show an at a glance overview that is difficult to achieve online. Plus, physical data sheets are great for customers to compare products against -- and which is going to look better: your glossy, well produced sheet or the black and white one they customer printed from your competitor’s website?

Thank You Cards. The power of a thank you is incredible. A company-branded thank you card is also an excellent way to solicit feedback.

Whatever you want to print, we have a production printer that will deliver the quality, control, and ease-of-use you deserve.

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About The Author

Mike is Advanced Systems' Print Production Specialist. He's been in the printing industry for over 18 years. His in-depth expertise in the production printing business has helped countless businesses discover the benefits of in-house production printing, and which system is right for each customer's unique business. He's also just a really great guy. New call-to-action