5 Tips for Choosing the Right Production Printer for Your Office


Use these 5 tips to help narrow down the perfect production printer for your SMB. Even as the “less paper” office becomes more realistic and we seem to do everything on apps, paper still plays a key role in marketing, invoicing, and other large-volume and high quality printing functions.

When you need to print high-volumes at high quality, you need a production printer. With so many options, what are the important things to look for as you search?

Print Volume

Digital presses range in speed and recommended monthly volume. Know your print volume before acquiring a production printer to avoid overpaying for a printer that will be idle or underpaying for a printer that can’t keep up with your needs.

What Are You Printing?

The kinds of documents you’re printing makes a difference too. Are you printing for external customers or for your own internal needs (or both)? Will you be primarily printing brochures, catalogs, reports, large format documents, or something else?

Don’t Lock-in on One Manufacturer

While production printers from the major manufacturers offer similar capabilities, as with any set of products, there are pros and cons of each. Identify your needs and work with a copier dealer who can offer multiple products to meet your unique needs, possibly with a brand you hadn’t considered before.

Ease of Color Calibration

Production printers are capable of razor-sharp color. And while we argue that it’s not always a good idea to print color documents, there are definitely benefits to color printing. You don’t want to waste time fiddling with hard-to-use color settings to achieve excellent color. You want easy-to-use functionality. Canon and Xerox production printers have built-in auto-calibration modes to help streamline the process.See Your Next Copier in Action.  Schedule your appointment now.

Beyond the Product - Service and Support

Look for a copier dealer capable of supporting you beyond the sale with first-rate and fast service.

Advanced Systems offers the following production printers for Iowa:

  • Versant 180 Press (Xerox)
  • Xerox Versant 3100
  • Xerox Color C60/C70
  • Xerox D Series
  • Canon ImagePRESS C750/850
  • ImagePRESS 8000 and 10000 families
  • VarioPrint 140 series
  • VarioPrint 6000 series

You can read more about our Production Print solutions for Iowa here.

It’s no secret that Advanced Systems is all-in on educating anyone who reads our blogs -- and becomes a customer -- needs to take the time to think about the right equipment for their business needs.

I hoped this blog helps clarify your approach to acquiring an in-house production printer.

Need more help? I’d love to talk to you!

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About The Author

Mike is Advanced Systems' Print Production Specialist. He's been in the printing industry for over 18 years. His in-depth expertise in the production printing business has helped countless businesses discover the benefits of in-house production printing, and which system is right for each customer's unique business. He's also just a really great guy. New call-to-action