13 Ways Managed Print Services Can Simplify Your Day



Over the past few months we’ve written about how to get the most out of your copier and other office equipment, explained managed print services, and written a fun post about scary movies.

What we haven’t done is shared in one place how this makes your work life much easier. Because, really, that’s what it’s all about. An MPS partner can save you money – and that’s always great. Even better, we can also help save you time.

And who doesn’t want more time?

  1. No overpaying. It’s hard to know how much you should be spending on print if you’ve never established how much you should be printing – or ever measured what you’re really spending today. An MPS engagement starts with an A to Z analysis of your printing needs. How much do you print? Are your printing needs spread out over the month or do you have peak printing times (this makes a difference in selecting the speeds of your printers). By matching what you pay to what you actually print, you aren’t wasting money “over-supplying” yourself. Better: if you DO have peak print times, you will no longer have to worry about trying to output a large number of documents on a printer that only prints 20 pages per minute.
  2. Secure documents. Every business has documents that should remain private – employee files, HIPAA forms, customer details; personally identifiable information needs to be secure. Paper documents sitting in the copier output tray? Not secure. An MPS partner can establish print management rules to allow only authorized employees to print files and can provide a trail of who printed for any audit purposes.
  3. One invoice. All of your print needs; a single invoice.
  4. One point of contact. Along with one invoice comes one point of contact. Instead of having to remember which vendor is responsible for what equipment, one company is responsible for it all.
  5. Better equipment. You don’t have to make a capital investment to purchase the hardware you need. Instead of having to cut corners and settle for the “almost” perfect array of equipment, monthly payments allow you to invest your capital in other growth areas AND be sure that you have the office equipment needed to meet your office’s needs. You also don’t have to spend the time worrying about researching or upgrading the latest equipment; that’s our job.
  6. Less print waste. Note that we’re saying “print” not “paper” waste. While saving paper is good for the environment and will save you some money, when you know how much you’re printing, you’ll print less. ThinkBeforePrinting.org has a study that shows that HALF of printed office paperwork is never actually read. It promotes the idea of only printing what you need, when you need it – making a more efficient use of paper. More importantly, making more efficient use of your time.
  7. More office counter space. Because your equipment will be matched to what you need rather than what you think you need, you’ll often need fewer printers, copiers, etc. It’s much nicer to look at a photo of your family or a vase of flowers instead of a clacking printer next to your desk. Plus, desktop printers offer false economy – they seem more productive because one sits next to you. Unseen are the high cost per page of the device and that security needs can be met by enabling documents to be released at the point of print.
  8. Never forget toner again. Printing is remotely monitored and needed supplies will be delivered just in time. No more closets full of toner boxes or need to “shake the toner cartridge” or make a quick run out to Office Depot.
  9. IT can address more important needs. IT employees are well-compensated. Having a $90,000 employee trouble-shooting a printing issue is NOT a good use of their time. With MPS, no more wasting time trying to identify why the networked printer isn’t on the network.
  10. Better uptime. Outsourcing your printing services means the equipment receives regular maintenance. Plus maintenance is no longer the IT department’s problem – allowing them to focus on strategic projects.
  11. Departmental charge backs. For larger organization, you can allocate costs to the department doing the printing because you’ll know which employees are doing the printing.
  12. Improved use of your output devices. Routing black and white documents to black and white printers saves the color printer for jobs where color is required. While “only” pennies a page, those pennies add up when you’re considering thousands of documents over the year.
  13. Guaranteed service levels. Guaranteed levels of uptime, service time, and responsibilities and expectations of both parties. It doesn’t happen often but, like a car, there are some “lemons” in office equipment. Repair or replacement is the responsibility of your MSP partner, not you. Now, if we find boot prints or dents from a tire iron on the equipment . . . you’re on your own.

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Dave Quint, president and CEO of Advanced Systems Inc. and past president of BTA Mid-America. Dave has worked with copiers, MFPs, scanners, and document workflow software since joining Advanced Systems as a sales associate in 1989. His favorite part of the job -- “there is no greater joy than to see the positive impact these solutions have in our client’s businesses.’ You press print, we take care of the rest. Contact us for more information >>