Commercial printers and high-volume, in-house printing departments need equipment to be available. If you aren’t printing, your invoices aren’t going out, sales posters and direct mail pieces aren’t being printed, and your business is being hampered.

The world is increasingly digital, but high-quality printed documents continue to be an effective way to communicate with customers.

Digital production printing is a cost-effective way to produce color or monochrome transactional documents (bills, checks, invoices, statements, and other informational documents) for your customers. Digital production printers provide the capability to provide smaller print runs more cost-effectively than with offset printing. With the proper add ons, you can even  print full bleed, fold brochures, staple packets and even bind your print jobs. 

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Take advantage of digital production for:

  • Photo publishing
  • Book publishing
  • Direct marketing
  • Collateral production
  • Packaging
  • Transactional printing – add color strategically to your customer communications for
  • And more

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Your printed output is an extension of your business. The quality of your printed documents can have a direct correlation on how your customers and potential customers perceive the quality of your products and services. Poor quality print – color or monochrome – isn’t the image you want to show your customers.


Most think the cost of printing is just the machine purchase price or lease payment, service, toner/ink and paper. The cost of producing a document can include much more. Every time you touch a print job, your labor costs rise. Finishing options such as folding, stitching, and trimming help keep labor down and productivity up.


Production printers from Canon provide precise color control through a calibration process and color space control with an easy to use tool. Whether you want a vibrant color document on glossy stock or more of a matte look on a linen stock, you can accomplish that with us.



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