How Simple Is Document Management ? A Look at Laserfiche


As the business world becomes more digital and our customers realize how inefficient their paper processes are, they're looking go digital. a-quick-document-management-demo-with-laserfiche.jpeg

But what's the mean?

More importantly, what do descriptions of document management products like:

  • easy to use,
  • simple,
  • fast access to documents, and
  • better productivity

look like in the real world?

To help you see what document management looks like, I recorded a demo I gave to a county clerk.

If you're not a county clerk, the basic document management functionality that I demonstrate is the same as you would use in your business (only you probably won't be worried about quickly finding county ordinances).

Document management also looks an awful lot like Windows because the functionality works behind the scenes. Technically, most document management software products integrate with line-of-business systems that users are already familiar with. This makes adoption and use of the capabilities easier and allows users the ability to work without having to open another application.

If you've ever read about document management and wondered:

  • What's it look like?
  • What does it mean that a document is full-text searchable?
  • What does scanning a paper document look like? (OK, this one isn't in this demo. However, if you've ever copied a document using a copy machine, the scanning process is very similar.)

As you watch this demonstration of what information at your fingertips (the most basic promise of DM), think about how your currently find and use documents.

If you're still walking to file rooms and flipping through manila folders, I think you might be excited at how much time you can add back into your day.

Wistia video thumbnail - Laserfiche Demo for City Clerks

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Lane focuses on fixing businesses broken business processes. He is Advanced Systems Document Management Director. What does document management actually look like? Watch this free demo to find  out.