Are You Going Digital? Your Competitors Are


Is your SMB going to get left behind in the (paper) dust?

This compilation of five articles shows how quickly digital transformation is happening – and also how far we have to go. Businesses of all sizes ARE beginning to transform and automate their paper-based processes by digitizing paper – often by using their digital copiers to scan documents.


These five articles focus on different pieces of the digitization puzzle – people and change management, document management, and more.

The list starts where all good business begins and end – with keeping your eye on how important people are.


The Secret to Digital Transformation? People

So what is digital transformation in the first place? It’s a means of using technology to increase efficiency by transforming paper-based processes to electronic ones, which organizes paper documents, streamlines business processes, and helps companies save money and become more productive.

This happens through a five-step process:

  • Digitize: Convert paper into an electronic filing cabinet for digital archiving and retrieval
  • Organize:Categorize documents and manage information in a secure, central location
  • Automate: Digitize processes through electronic forms to improve accountability
  • Streamline:Gain visibility into operations and increase efficiency of processes across the organization
  • Transform:Drive innovation by leveraging analytics to align processes with business goals

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Laserfiche Congratulates the 2017 Top Digital Counties

Our document and process expert, Lane Lebahn, has written about how good government and DM go hand-in-hand; 5 Reasons Document Management Equals Good Government. Each year, the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties perform a Digital Counties Survey. The survey benchmarks progress for digitization to improve efficiency, cybersecurity, citizen engagement and service, and saving tax dollars. Laserfiche (our document management partner) customers were the majority of winners this year.

New to the list of Top Digital Counties this year is York County, VA. The county’s social services department—which serves on the front line of intervention, assessment and service provision—used Laserfiche ECM to automate recruiting, hiring and new employee onboarding, and provide instant and secure access to employee records while managing records retention. The initiative saved significant time and resources that can now be redirected toward hiring top social services professionals to serve York County’s growing population.  

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A Day in the Life of Better Workflow Management

We've written about business processes on this blog (9 Steps to Redesign a Broken Business Process). What we haven't done is write about a paper-based, tedious process that many people have experienced first hand – mortgage processing. Lenders are increasingly using document capture and workflow to “eliminate many of the lapses, disconnects, and inefficiencies that accompany manual or paper-based execution of a loan process.”

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The Next Generation of Managed Print Services Promises Significant Returns for Small and Midsize Businesses

The first step in moving from reactive to proactive is to assess the current state of their print environment. Print assessments can quickly identify cost savings and efficiency improvements. Organizations often don’t know how many printers they have, where they’re located or who’s printing on them. Printers could be in the wrong place for the workgroups they serve, or be over- or under-utilized. People may be printing in color when they don’t need to, and complex jobs may take a long time to configure, causing unnecessary delays and a drop in productivity.

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Top Strategies for Successful Change Initiatives

Last week, three records management specialists from across industries came together to present their tips and best practices for ensuring the success of change initiatives, particularly widespread initiatives to revitalize records management programs. These three tips were:

  • Know your audience
  • Focus on those who are eager for change
  • Provide opportunities for feedback

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These posts will give you some good ideas for how to manage your digitization efforts.


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