Don't Get Hacked! Your 14 Point Copier Security Checklist

By Dave Quint | Mar 15, 2018 2:18:26 PM

Security is a major issue for companies today.

Every company (and individual). Many weeks, we can't turn on the news without seeing reports of someone being hacked.

Cybercrime is big business. Ransomware is a billion-plus dollar “business.” The cost to businesses is expected to reach $11.5 billion by 2019.

While I'm sure you have your computers and your network locked down (and your smart phone too if you use those to access business information) and protected, I wanted to remind everyone once again not to forget to secure their copiers and printers.

I'm going to explain the major types of threats, offer some common tips to secure your copiers, and conclude with a list of our popular copier security posts (watch out for wolves!).

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The Power of Document Management – As Illustrated in 5 Videos

By Lane Lebahn | Mar 6, 2018 2:52:48 PM

We've all lost a document before, right? 

Whether a paper file or a Word document, anyone who's worked in an office has had at least one experience of, “damn, I can't find that.”

On a personal level, that's annoying. We wasted our time looking for something that wasn't there. Then we probably had to recreate it.

That's annoying, but hardly crippling. 

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I Need a New Copier. What Do I Need?

By Dave Quint | Feb 26, 2018 2:15:05 PM

There are hundreds of choices when you need a new copier.

You have multiple choices of WHERE to buy when it comes to local dealers. For smaller models, you can buy online or in an office supply store.

There are many brands to choose from as well – Xerox, Canon, Brother, Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera, RISO, OKI, MBM Corporation, Lexmark, and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

The first step when deciding on a new copier (or photocopier or multifunction printer or copy machine or whatever you call it in your office) is to determine that you NEED a copier. Depending on your business objectives, you could need a dedicated scanner or a single-function laser printer instead of a multifunction device.

That said, you need a new copier. What do you need?

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WHY Does My Copier STILL Jam – And What Can I Do About It?!?!?!

By Dave Quint | Feb 23, 2018 2:29:10 PM

I was reminded the other day exactly how complex the mechanism is that enables a document to be copied or printed.

Copiers and printers are better than ever – touchscreen user panels, easy set up, apps to extend functionality, fantastic output and scanning resolution, and more.

They still have paper jams. 

I know, that's frustrating.

There are steps you can take to minimize the chance of a paper jam.

Eliminating paper jams altogether though? That might just be impossible.

Let me explain.

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How To Quickly Scan Minutes for FAST Retrieval – Laserfiche Quick Fields in Action Demo

By Lane Lebahn | Feb 14, 2018 3:10:32 PM

City Clerks will find the following scenario familiar.

About 6 months ago (everyone thinks), the city council discussed a certain topic. Now council members want to review the points made in that discussion. Except it was 16 months ago, so instead of quickly finding the information, you spend an hour or two pulling paper files, quickly scanning the Minutes, and refiling until you find the correct document.

Replace “minutes” with ANY kind of document, and we're all familiar with the paper chase of trying to find the information we need on a paper document (and fingers crossed it's the final version you find!).

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Can You Find Information in Moments? Exclusive City Clerk Event Shows How You Can

By Lane Lebahn | Feb 6, 2018 3:02:37 PM

There IS such a thing as a free lunch – and a fast, effective way to store and retrieve documents.

I invite you to join me on May 8 in our Cedar Falls headquarters (or via webinar) for an event that will show you how much better work can be when you move away from paper documents!        

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Desktop Faxing Saves Doctor's Office Hours Each Day

By Troy Belmer | Jan 31, 2018 2:45:00 PM

Get excited - a new copier thrilled a local doctor's office by cutting literal hours out of their busy schedule. How much time could you save?My favorite day at work is any day that I hear from a customer about how we helped them.

After all, we don't sell copiers. We sell solutions to business problems – and that's exciting!

As a salesman, I base my proposed solutions to customers based on what their pain points are and how the new technology is supposed to alleviate that business pain.

Based on customer feedback (and with their input during the process), I'm proud to say I excel at this. The key is really listening to what the customer needs.

Here's a true story about how excited a doctor's office was with a new copier – all because of desktop faxing.

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